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.in a bottle.

20 Multifandom icons.
01-10: The Office
11-20: Gilmore Girls

please comment and credit

01 02 03
04 05 06
07 08 09

11 12 13
14 15 16
17 18 19
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Nabbed #5 and will credit.

They're all really nice, though! I love your Office/Gilmore Girl combo! Definitely two of the best shows out there.
thank you!

and I'm glad you like the combo of shows. I was worried for a sec that they seemed random, but what can you do? I think they're two of the best on television.

Pretty! I snagged 14, 18 & 20.

Question... what are all the ones with Lauren in the red jacket from? I've never seen those before.
thank you!

and I found those over at the dragonfly inn. I hadn't seen them before then and couldn't resist making icons. everyone looked so pretty in them. :)
Where are those Office pictures from? Particularily the "The Just Friends" one?
you can find them here.
I love the GG ones! Snagging 13. =)
thank you and enjoy!
I love 13! Will credit. Any chance you could do more of Sookie? Or Sookie and Lorelai? Just wonderin'. :)

Thank you!
thanks for the comment. :)

I think I could work some more Sookie and Lorelai into my next batch of icons. I have a few scattered throughout this journal, but I always enjoy "iconing" (is that a word?) those two.


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10 years ago

ooh, I love your new GG icons! :D They're great! And also, your new layout! How cool is that? :D
hey! it's good to hear from you. I was wondering how you've been...

thanks for the kind words. I'm way more excited about this layout than I probably should be. hee.

I'm saving #10 to nom at theofficeawards! :D
aw, thanks.
that's a nice surprise. :)
I had to snag #17, it's utter joy. :D Will use and credit.^_^
Glad you like it. :)

I love that pic of Melissa and Lauren, they look seconds away from going "squee!"....


10 years ago

I really like these! Can I ask where I can find a full size picture of #6? :)
thanks for the kind words.

I came across that pic over at john_krasinski in a pic spam post. It's a pretty awesome community if you're a fan of John's, they have lots of info and lots of pics.

took #6 - i think- and crediting. thanks!
you're welcome.
(and enjoy if you decide to use it...)


10 years ago

Just curious...do you take requests? I'm looking for a Gilmore Girls wallpaper with mostly the younger generation, Rory/Logan relationship era with some Lorelei/Luke and Lorelei and Rory shots too...

You're stuff is great!
I'll definitely keep your request in mind next time I have photoshop open, but I can't give you a time line on when that will be. :)

I do have some Rory/Logan wallpapers that I made previously. If you'd like to see them, you can find them here and here.
Took 2-4 and 10, and will credit. :)
#11 is so cute! That's from the promotional pictures, no? pretty XD
it is from the promo pics. I am a little bit in love with the photos from that shoot.

thanks for the kind words. :)
i took 18 and 19! such great icons! thanks so much! will credit! :D