.in a bottle. (ginni) wrote in omnia__paratus,
.in a bottle.

A fan mix based on Gilmore Girls' Logan Huntzberger. The mix follows him from the start of season 5 and ends at the finale of season 6. Cover art and links are behind the cut.

**change "xx"s to "tt"s when attempting to download the tracks.

Instant Pleasure - Rufus Wainwright

I don't want somebody to love me
just give me sex whenever I want it
'cause all I ask for is instant pleasure

Funny Little Feeling - Rock N Roll Soliders

and I'm bored
still bored
I'm so bored

Hate to Say I Told You So - The Hives

Do what I want cause I can and if I don't
Because I wanna
Be ignored by the stiff and the bored
Because I'm gonna

Do You Want To - Franz Ferdinand

Oh when I woke up tonight I said I
I’m gonna make somebody love me
I’m gonna make somebody love me
And now I know,
How I know,
Now I know
I know that it’s you
You lucky, lucky
You’re so lucky!

Washing + Wondering - Stroke 9

She thinks it's sacred to be naked
But I don't care, 'cause she's had me there
You see she's figured me out

Old Before I Die - Robbie Williams

But tonight I'm gonna live for today
So come along for the ride
I hope I'm old before I die

One Man Army - Our Lady Peace

Take these plastic people
Read their lips, now let it linger
Is there anything that makes them sound

It's Beginning To Get To Me - Snow Patrol

I tried to tell you before I left
But I was screaming under my breath
You are the only thing that makes sense
Just ignore all this present tense

All These Things That I've Done - The Killers

I wanna stand up, I wanna let go
You know, you know - no you don't, you don't
I wanna shine on in the hearts of men
I want a meaning from the back of my broken hand

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