.in a bottle. (ginni) wrote in omnia__paratus,
.in a bottle.

[01-11] The Office - Various Seasons
[12-21] Gilmore Girls - Various Seasons
[22-41] Friday Night Lights

please comment & credit












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Wonderful. Took three GG. Will credit. Thanks. :)
glad that you like them!

Deleted comment

thanks much. I appreciate it. :)
<3 GG ones! :)
thanks hun. It felt like it'd been forever since I've made GG icons and it was fun looking back at some older pics of them. :)
took 4 from the office and 2 from gg. thanks!
glad you like them and I appreciate the comment. :)
aww, took a few FNL. They're really great!
thanks much!
I appreciate the kind words. :)
pretty icons ♥
aw, thank you!
Wow, gorgeous work! I snagged some from GG and FNL, will credit, thanks!
thank you very much. and good gracious is that a pretty header over at your journal. :)


10 years ago

Took some from The Office and FNL. Will credit, thanks!
Glad that you liked them. :) thanks for commenting...
Snagged 33. How fitting for a Tim Riggins icon :)
glad you like it. I couldn't resist it when I saw the cap. :)
Saving 1-10, 12-16, 21, 32, and 36. Thanks! Will credit.
alrighty! Thanks for the comment. :)
Taking some Gilmore Girls. They're beautiful, thank you for sharing. :)
aw, thank you. That's nice of you to say. :)